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*[ LinkedIn profile of Syed Umair Umar]
*[ LinkedIn profile of Syed Umair Umar]
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Syed Umair Umar (Wordcamp Conference, Lahore, 2019)[1]

Syed Umair Umar (*11 February 1998 in Islamabad) is a Pakistani web developer. Umair Umar lives and works in Lahore, where he runs a development studio. As an IT developer, Umair Umar primarily serves US companies and universities.

Fields of Activity

Umair Umar's professional focus lies in the areas of web controlling and development. In the academic environment he develops for Harvard University, among others. He is part of the developer teams of the US-based companies COGNAK[2] and Facta Studio LLC[3]

Caudatus Science & Research

Umair Umar is involved in the development and monitoring of the projects ADHSpedia and run by the organization Caudatus Science & Research.


Umair Umar grew up trilingual. He speaks English, Punjabi and Urdu at C2 level. [4][5]


Other articles (German)