Adults with ADHD (Dokumentation, englisch)

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Adults With ADHD - What Do We Know? What Do They Need? (englisch)
Filmgattung Talksendung
Alterbeschränkung / Empfehlung k.A.
Erscheinungsjahr 2009

Adults With ADHD: What Do We Know? What Do They Need? ist eine im Jahr 2009 vom kanadischen TV-Sender tvoparents[1] veröffentlichte, US-amerikanische Talksendung, die ADHS bei Erwachsenen thematisiert.


This is a panel discussion following the documentary "A Mind Like Mine". The guests include the filmmaker, Karen O'Donnell, Dr. Timothy Bilkey, a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD, and two young adults who have been coping with ADHD since childhood. One is Karen's son, Kail O'Donnell, and the other is Daniel Desjardins. Both still have ADHD and are coping in different ways with very different outcomes. What accounts for this? Why do we hear so little about adults with ADHD? What is in place to help them in school and in the workplace? How do we help them succeed?


  • Karen O'Donnell, Filmemacherin
  • Timothy Bilkey, Psychiater
  • Kail O'Donnell, ADHS-Betroffener
  • Daniel Desjardins, ADHS-Betroffener